Industry Talks

QML2021 features two talks by our sponsors, Quantum Machines and NVIDIA.

Yonathan Cohen (Quantum Machines)
Quantum Orchestration: Integrated hardware and software for design and execution of complex quantum control protocols

Thursday 4th March 2021, 14:00-14:45 GMT

The incredible progress in designing quantum systems, engineering their environment, and controlling them effectively, has led to significant improvements in coherence times, gate fidelities, and the ability to integrate more qubits into a single quantum processor. While the development of quantum processors remains the number one challenge, many bottlenecks exist in the classical control hardware layer as well as the software layer, where optimizations can play a critical role for near-term quantum computing. Some examples include (1) feedback for error correction, repeat until success protocols, and other applications, (2) complex calibrations and optimizations, and (3) hybrid quantum-classical algorithms.

Here we present a new platform for designing quantum control protocols, executing them on a wide range of quantum hardware, and optimizing performance. The hardware and software platform, called Quantum Orchestration, combines a unique processor architecture that allows the most cutting-edge real-time control capabilities with an intuitive, cross-platform pulse-level control programming language, QUA. This workshop introduces the platform, demonstrates how it can control various setups and presents live code examples in QUA, including multi-qubit feedback and complex control.

Asher Fredman (NVIDIA)
Accelerating AI with NVIDIA end-to-end solutions

Tuesday 2nd March 2021, 10:45-11.30 GMT

In order to accelerate computing in the modern age of AI, a full stack optimization approach is needed. In this talk we will go over the different solutions created by NVIDIA for accelerating the entire pipeline of modern AI workloads.

We will begin the talk with a short overview of the latest DGX systems, after which we will discuss NVIDIAs optimized solutions for DL training. We will then touch upon NVIDIAs optimized techniques for inferencing and conclude with an overview of the Triton inference server and it’s capabilities.