How can a quantum sensor optimally extract information about its environment?

(1) Alex Retzker (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)
Quantum sensing with nitrogen-vacancy centres in diamond
(2) Chris Ferrie (University of Technology Sidney, Australia)
Parameter estimation, the quantum way: theory and application of quantum estimation

Invited speakers
(1) Christian Degen (ETH, Zurich – Switzerland)
Three-dimensional nuclear spin localisation
(2) Luca Pezze’ (LENS, Florence – Italy)
Machine learning methods for quantum metrology
(3) Tim Taminiau (QuTech, Delft – the Netherlands)
Atomic-scale imaging of nuclear spins with a quantum sensor

Contributed speakers
Please submit an abstract to apply for a contributed talk! While tutorials and invited talks were designed around spin-based quantum sensing, we welcome submissions by any other quantum platform!